50 Years Golden Jubilee

On March 28 2020 (SATURDAY) Walliston Primary School will be celebrating its 50 Years Golden Jubilee.



Schools are often the central hub of a community, and Walliston Primary School is no exception. Under the guidance of the Department of Education and with support from our school council, school P&C and the 50th Anniversary Committee we have decided to postpone our Golden Jubilee Community Day that was scheduled for Saturday March 28th 2020.

It is with disappointment that we have decided to postpone our celebrations due to the precautions associated with the spread of COVID-19 through Australia. Walliston Primary School prides itself on its community spirit and we believe that this postponement is very much in the best interest for our community members. Health and wellbeing of our families and friends are far more important.

While we had so many amazing things planned for the Community Day there is nothing that we can’t delay for a period. The 50th anniversary team plans to maintain their excitement in bringing these celebrations to you at a later date and will be back in touch once we work out the rescheduling details.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the 50th anniversary team for their efforts for the past 18 months in coordinating this day and I continue to look forward to working with them in the future, when it is time to plan the event again.

Kind Regards


Craig Mainard


Walliston Primary School

16th March 2020