School Uniforms

School Dress Code: School uniforms help develop school tone, ethos and spirt.  Our students are expected to wear the designated school uniform.  The Walliston School Council endorses this requirement.  We have a dress requirements policy.

It is our belief that there is a close correlation between a student’s appearance and the attitude they display.  Where students are neat and tidy in their dress there is usually a carryover to neat and tidy work-habits and to acceptable behaviour.  Parents are asked to ensure that their children are dressed in school uniform.

The school colours are maroon and black/white.


  • Summer (Terms 1 & 4) – School shirt (maroon), secure footwear, school shorts (black)
  • Winter (Terms 2 & 3) – All of the above as well as a maroon zip up jacket and black tracksuit pants
  • Sport – black shorts, school or faction shirt


  • Summer (Terms 1 & 4) – School shirt (maroon), secure footwear, school shorts (black), school skort (black), black prestalene pleated skirt or school dress
  • Winter (Terms 2 & 3) – School shirt, maroon zip up jacket, black tracksuit pants, black prestalene pleated skirt with or without plain black tights or leggins.
  • Sport – black prestalene pleated skirt, skort or shorts, with school or faction shirt

SUNSMART: As part of our School Dress Code a wide brimmed School hat (for maximum protection) is required when out in the sun throughout the year.  We have a No Hat – No Play in the Sun policy.

Personal Standards:  All students are asked to maintain hair cleanliness, and if long, to keep it tied back. Standards of personal cleanliness are regarded as the student’s own responsibility. Parents are asked to regularly check children’s hair for head lice.

Students should not wear jewellery, make up or nail polish to school. It is unnecessary and jewellery (especially earrings) can be dangerous during play and physical education activities.  Colouring hair and other personal adornments are unnecessary and are discouraged.

Earrings:  For safety reasons earrings are not to be worn to school (except for plain studs or sleepers).

Footwear:  Students are required to wear appropriate shoes or sandals.  Suitable footwear is essential in PE and for play activities.

Uniform Shop: The P & C Association runs our Uniform Shop at the school located on the oval adjacent to the staff carpark . All uniform items can be purchased through the shop. School bags are also available.

Opening Times

  • Currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions

Enquiries can be sent to [email protected] 

Alternatively you may look up the uniform shop website at

If the opening time does not suit, you can leave a completed order at the front office and the uniform co-ordinator will process the order and send it home via your child usually within 2 – 4 days.

For a copy of the Uniform Order form please click on the link below:

Walliston PS Uniform_ORDER FORM TERM 1 2021