Our Future

Our school strategic plan has been developed in conjunction with students, staff, parents and members of the wider community. It sets a clear strategic future for the next three years, which will support our students to be successful lifelong learners. Our Priorities are centred around the key Curriculum Areas of Literacy and Numeracy as these are the corner stones of building solid understandings in other learning areas. Our other Priorities are developing 21st Century Teaching and Learning environments and building Emotional Intelligence with our student group.

The strategies and milestones contained in this plan indicate the level of progress towards achieving our three priorities:
1. Literacy & Numeracy
2. Future Focused Learning
3. Emotional Intelligence


We aim to provide solid evidence based teaching experiences which will enable all our students to reach their full potential. Walliston Primary School has a range of levels of student achievement and by providing quality teaching aimed at improving student outcomes we will ensure that all of our students are demonstrating improvement throughout the year. Our high achievers are catered for through well planned in-class activities which extend them both vertically and horizontally. Students who are experiencing difficulties are provided with assistance through targeted and well planned intervention programs provided by highly trained staff.


Walliston Primary School provides opportunities for children to be creative and innovative through an integrated, future focussed curriculum, catering for the diverse learning styles of children into the 21st Century. Our school environment is set up to provide our students with the most up-to-date technology to enable all of us to engage in providing a 21st Century learning environment. Future Focus Learning provides learning environments that are flexible for teaching and engaging for student learning.


Our students are our highest priority. By providing them with the tools to develop emotional intelligence we provide them with the strategies to resolve problems and issues that arise on a daily basis. These strategies are modelled and taught by staff and are embedded in our school’s culture. Students are assisted through our SAER programs, PBS Programs, Documented plans where appropriate and the programs undertaken by our school chaplain and teaching staff.