The Walliston Way

Walliston Primary school enrols families, not students. The school engagement of parents with the school goes back to its foundation and is embedded in our school’s culture.


Walliston Primary School is located in a bushland setting at one of the highest points in the hills, east of the city of Perth. Our school motto “AIM HIGH” refers not only to our geographical location but to the expectations we place upon ourselves as educators and our expectations of our students.


At Walliston Primary School we “AIM HIGH” by providing a supportive, professional, skilled and engaging environment. Our students will grow as learners and demonstrate respect and kindness to support each other as a strong community, and become healthy life-long learners in a global society and work towards realising their dreams.


Mission describes the overarching purpose of an organisation, while a vision offers a preferred future and guiding image of success.


The “Walliston Way” describes our school wide pedagogy and provides all with a consistency of teaching, learning and assessment. Our mission at Walliston Primary School is to work together as a learning community to develop, “The Walliston Way” with a focus on


Our mission at Walliston Primary School is to integrate the “Walliston Way” with the Department of Education’s ‘High Performance-High Care’ Strategic Planning. Our beliefs are consistent with ‘Classroom First’ that embody a strong school culture on focusing on the success for all students at Walliston Primary School.


Our beliefs are that every child is capable of successful learning; every staff member is an effective educator and that we develop a positive school culture around strong leadership and strong partnerships with our community.


Values are at the heart of any community and Walliston Primary intentionally embeds the following values in the everyday life of the school: we are kind; we are learners; and we are respectful.