Physical Education

Our Physical Education Specialist is Mr Andrew Mann

Walliston Primary School has a specialist sports teacher. Each classroom has at least one Phys Ed period programmed into their timetable each week.  There are a number of sport carnivals and sporting events that take place each year. (Carnivals for this year are listed in section “Beyond the Classroom.)

Interschool Sport Events: In Term 1 there is a one day cricket carnival held at Maida Vale Reserve for students in Years 5 & 6. During Term 2 our senior students take part in Interschool Sports against local schools that are members of the Stirk Sports Association. Both football and netball are played at Ray Owen Sports Reserve.  In Term 2 there is also a one day soccer/netball event for our Yr 3/4 students once again played against schools in the Stirk Sports Association.

Annual Sports Carnivals: Annual events held are faction swimming carnival, faction cross country & faction athletics carnivals.  We also take part in interschool carnivals for swimming, cross country and athletics throughout the year.

Our Physical Education program is designed to expose children to the wide variety of sporting and recreational activities available within the local community. The program encourages lifelong involvement in sporting and recreational activities for fun, friendship and health.