Our LOTE Specialist is Signorina Siciliano

At Walliston Primary School the LOTE language taught is Italian. Signorina teaches Italian on Wednesday and Thursday to students in Years 3 – 6. The program is a mixture of both oral and written activities. One of our assemblies each year is an ‘Italian’ Assembly run by Signorina in conjunction with one of the classrooms.

For the last few years we have been lucky enough to have an exchange educational assistant from Italy to assist Signorina for the year.

Through learning Languages students can understand and value their own culture and the cultures of other people, so that they can view the world from a wider perspective. Students will encounter, appreciate and understand that there are distinctive ways of thinking and being which shape the way people behave. In learning a new language, students can learn things that they can learn in no other way. An important part of being a responsible world citizen in the 21st century is to be able to manage sensitive, effective communication and the transfer of knowledge across languages and cultures.