To enrol at Walliston Primary School you must first complete an Application form.  Bring your completed form to the school administration office where the Principal will access the application.  Should your application be accepted you are required to complete an official enrolment form and supply us with a copy of your child’s birth certificate and immunisation records.

Medical Details:  The following form needs to be completed for each student enrolled at Walliston Primary School.  It will assist the school in the preparation, planning and conduct of school excursions and school events.

Medical Details Form


Student Asthma Record:  This form should be completed for all students who have asthma as it will help the school to implement appropriate asthma management strategies for your child.

Asthma Form

Please complete this form and forward to school as soon as any change in details occur; eg change of mobile phone, address etc.


It is important that enrolment details are kept up to date to avoid any difficulties when it comes to contacting parents for any reason.

change of details Uniform Order